Is There a Solavei SCAM? Read This Before You Join Or Are Struggling!

solavei scam reviewSolavei SCAM Or Solavei Success?

That is the question most people ask themselves, especially if they are looking at Solavei to join or are struggling in the business. I assume if you have landed on this  article you are searching for answers.

And what I am about to reveal to you might shock you and even open up your eyes!

So, keep reading as I expose EVERYTHING you need to know about Solavei…

Also, before I expose the truth about the possible Solavei Scam, know that I am NOT a Solavie rep and am writing this Solavie review strictly to give you the knowledge of an experienced Network Marketer who has earned thousands of dollars in the industry…

With that said, lets get started!

So, the BIG question…

Is There A Solavei Scam?

And the answer is…


As a matter of fact, Solavei is becoming one of the fastest growing MLM companies online because it’s high demand service and unique compensation plan to it’s partners and distributors.

Most people that don’t understand how MLM companies like Solavei work, call everything a scam.

And that is why people begin saying XYZ company is a scam…

Look, bottom line, Solavei is a great company with a great service that millions of people need…

Solavei uses the T-Mobile Network

Solavei operates as an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) through a strategic partnership with T-Mobile USA.

That means that Solavei is a wireless communications services provider that does not own the wireless network it uses to provide services to its customers…

Solavei has a reseller business agreement with  T-Mobile to obtain bulk access to network services at wholesale rates….

Then they resell them to you…

Solevei is much like a traditional MLM (Multi-Level Marketing, Network Marketing) company…

You get paid when someone enrolls for the service and when you recruit someone who enrolls people for the service.


So, wouldn’t you agree their isn’t a Solavei Scam?? :)

The compensation plan breaks it down really well and its really simple.

There are 4 ways to get paid:

1. Fast Action Bonus

As soon as you join Solavei, you earn a Fast Action Bonus (FAB) for Trios you directly enroll in your first 60 days.

The FAB will help build your Trios, providing a solid foundation to your Trio Pay.

1 trio$50
2 trio+$100
3 trio+$200
4 trio+$300

Solavei Scam Review2. Trio Pay

For every Trio in your personal network, you earn $20/month, paid at the end of the service period (30 days after initial service activation or monthly service renewal),

…for as long as your connections use the Solavei mobile service.

3. Path Pay

As your entire network (personal and extended) continues to grow,

…you advance in rank on the achievement path based on Trios paid for the month.

Each band has three ranks.

Advancing in rank earns you an increasing monthly Path Pay.

4. One-Time Path Bonus

As you progress from one band to another,

you will receive a One-Time Path Bonus payable at the same time as the monthly Path Pay.

There you have it.

Now, does that sound like there is a Solavei scam?

…NO! Its very simple.

Its not like people don’t use the service either.

Solavei Markets Through Customers

Now one thing I know from being in the industry since I was 18 years old, is that “Word Of Mouth” sells…

Solavei uses a direct marketing – A network marketing strategy to advertise and sell its services.

This is a very common marketing structure that builds a network of affiliate resellers who operate and advertise independently.

In so doing, Solavei eliminates the hundreds of millions of dollars for advertising typically spent by major retail corporations and the equally costly retail outlet network that is bringing many corporations to their knees.

This money is then paid as commissions and bonuses directly to the network of resellers who work as independent operators while selling within the companies guidelines.

Anyone familiar with the network marketing giants like Herbalife, Amway, Organo Gold, Mary Kay and others understand how successful a marketing structure like this can be…

Not to mention that some of these companies have used MLM marketing as the basis for their marketing for over 50 years. It  is a proven marketing strategy that has been proven time and time again…

The HARD TRUTH About Making Money With Solavei

Now for some of you, this will open up your eyes… Especially if you are looking at joining Solavei or are struggling with Solavei…

The fact of the matter is that to make money with Solavei you need to know how to recruit. You need to know how to bring people into the business, teach them how to market (generate traffic and leads)…

…No matter what MLM opportunity you are trying to build, if you do not know how to market, you will fail!

That is why nearly 95%-97% fail in this industry…

It’s not because it is difficult, it is because they have not learned the skills of online marketing and promotion…

They also do not have a Marketing System that will do the heavy lifting for them…

Imagine being able to market one website and inside the website/marketing system, your opportunity is presented for you over and over again…

Then on top of that, knowing what we top marketers and leaders know about driving targeted traffic to the website over and over again, on autopilot…

Pretty powerful, Right??

Again, I speak from experience…

Truth is, that I have built multiple online businesses and I ALWAYS use a marketing system that funnels and qualifies people for my business.

So, my final thoughts are this about the “Solavei Scam!”… ;)

If you are looking to join Solavei or are currently struggling in this business, just be sure to use a marketing system that can help you automate your marketing to really make a lot of money with Solavei.

Here is the one I use==>> Powerful Marketing System and Training

Bless and be blessed,

With My Daughter at Disney...

With My Daughter at Disney…


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